Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Life with a Dog

So, in June we got a new dog, well a used dog from a no-kill shelter. He had a rocky start but he is doing well now. He has had some training in the past, but it was all in French as he was from Quebec. I know enough French to communicate with a dog, "assit toi" (sit) and "couche toi" (lie down). He is learning English commands now.

The other night I was walking the dog and someone started to speach French to me. I babbled like an idiot. "Oh, the dog speaks French not me. I mean, he understands it, but I don't anymore." Walking the dog has been a real challenge. He wants to hunt squirrel and birds on the walk. A first this meant a 55 lb dog charging after his quarry. A real challenge to the upper arm strength. We have made good progress in that now he will just whimper and tug. I have also lost a few pounds as we do his morning walk at a brisk pace.

The rocky start was in part due to him knocking down my 2 year old. In the dogs defense, my son stood on his tail and hugged him. But it did result in 1 stitch for my son on his face. We almost got rid of the dog, but I think that our non-violent but assertive reaction convinced him that he is at the bottom of the pack. He has been fine since then and we have been more careful. I am embarrassed that it happened. I should have been more careful about establishing the pack hierarchy at the beginning. Of course, it is over now but it has been hard to let go of it.

I am off to bed now. Sleep well everyone.