Thursday, June 05, 2008

Positive Thinking

I had an AHA moment today.

Today I was standing in the shower having some negative thoughts about something that I did in the past that embarrassed me and suddenly I understood something new. I have been reading "A New Earth" and it talks about the pain body and how it likes to feed on negative experiences. I realized that those embarrassing actions were done by my pain body looking to create the negativity that it feeds on. "I" did not do those things. I, of course, am responsible for my actions. The "why" I did those things is because my ego needed to act that way. I can let go of those things because it is futile to remember the past and the "why" is answered.

I am working on accepting the present moment, but I am still identifying with my thoughts and feelings. It is hard to let go and live in the present. At least, right now it is.

Any suggestions?