Tuesday, January 01, 2013

A Weird Dream

It is the middle of the night.  I just woke up from an unsettling dream.  I dreamt that I was dead and I was in the after life.  I was not upset to be dead. It was not a scary dream. I don't remember having a body,  but I felt very much like myself.  I felt a sense of peace.  I was not alarmed to be dead.  I did not think of my family.

In this dream I was in a house and I was shown to a room where there were some things that were broken.  These represented my mistakes in life.  I had to look at them, accept them and touch them.  I prayed for guidance on what to do.

There were some other people there.  Some of  them were just lying around doing nothing.  They were paralyzed by their past mistakes.  There was  one that tried to distract me from my work.  I am not sure if it was male or female.  It was excited and distracting, but I tried to ignore it because it felt wrong.

Then  I met one of my sisters there.  She was refusing to look at her mistakes.  She was as unaware of herself in death as she is in life now.  I tried to show her what felt right to do.  Then I woke up.

I have been trying to think about what this dream means.  I think that it was life telling me to focus on my stuff;  to keep calm, meditate and do good work. I think that this dream also means that it is time to look around at my mistakes.  I need to accept that I have made made mistakes, identify them, fix them if possible and chart a new course.  The dream was a suggestion that I I need to feed my spiritual side and choose my behaviour in life. 

I think that I need to be honest with my sister that I will not have her and mother visit at the same time "because they do not get along well".  I am not going to pounce on this, but sometime there will be an opening.  I have it tucked away and it will come out sooner or later.  She might ask what I mean and if she does I will tell her that her irritation with my mother is not fun to be around.  It sets me on edge.  It will be enough.

What are you dreaming tonight?