Monday, July 02, 2007

Good news

I finally got the results and while I do have a small kidney stone in the right kidney, I do NOT have anything else. This is good news of course. I have now had an ultrasound, a CT scan, a gastroscopy, and a colonoscopy and no one knows why I have such terrible gas and indigestion. I am at my wits end trying to figure out what to do next. Of course, the doctor called while I was out and I will have to make a new appointment to find out what to do next. I am not giving up. I may try a naturopath next to see if eastern medicine can help me.

My DH has the flu which means that the Canada Day long weekend has been a bit of a bust. Like most men, he is totally incapable when sick. I am still getting over a cold, but I am the Mother and so I just keep going.

I have been kind of sick of myself lately. I have been focusing too much on the negative. In my blog I often complain. I guess I need the opportunity for the support, but I am worried that it takes too much space in my head.

My youngest is at a truely adorable age. Yes, he does get frustrated at times, but I love the soft bable of protospeech. His soft ululations can be quite adorable. We are thinking about getting him into part-time daycare in September. There is a new school that is based on reggio emilia and looks great.

My oldest is home for the summer and did so well in Montessori school that we gave him a Lego Firehouse (over 600 pieces). He LOVES it. He did a great job building it, with help of course. He is such a straight arrow. His teacher thinks that he will be a police officer when he grows up.
He is thrilled that his little brother is now old enough for time outs. You could practically sell him a ticket to watch it.

They are both such sweet boys. I am so lucky that I was given this gift. I am not religious in a formal sense, but I am thankful every day that the universe sent them my way. I have been reading a lot of blogs lately where other women are on the same journey that I took. They are finished with their own eggs and looking to find donors. I wish I had a way of making that road easier and guaranteeing them the outcomes that they so desperately seek. I don't know if it is helpful to know that someone else made it? I hope it is!

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Summer said...

There was definitely a period where I couldn't read about how other people made it, not because I wasn't happy for them, but because it brought up too much of my own pain. But then came a period for me where I needed to see the "success" stories, to remind myself that it can be done and that it might be worth all the pain and frustration I was feeling. So, I think it's great you are blogging!