Monday, September 24, 2007

Food colouring.

I heard about an interesting study where they looked at food colouring and preservatives and there affect on kids. It seems that even kids without ADHD and ADD became hyper on a diet that included the mixing of sodium benzoate and food colouring.

I have printed this off for myself so that I can read the labels on foods. Scarey!

Among the additives studied were:

* E211, sodium benzoate, a preservative used to extend shelf-life of food and drinks. (Which is in a hell of a lot of foods)
* E102, tartrazine, a yellow food dye used in ice cream, soft drinks and fish sticks.
* E104, quinoline yellow, a yellow dye used in soft drinks, cosmetics and medications.
* E110, sunset yellow, a dye used in yogurts and sweets.
* E122, carmoisine, a coal tar derivative used in sweets and yogurts.
* E129, allura red, a dye used in pop drinks and bubble gum.

Here is a link to an article on the study.

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