Monday, July 25, 2011


I called the Social Worker about donating my unused embryos this week. We had last talked about a year ago and I think that I blew her circuits. She was very happy about being part of this process.

This is just a start. We will need to figure out how to do an open embryo adoption. I have no idea what that will mean. We will have to feel our way through it.

We are going to get together in the fall and talk about what we want and how to go about it.

The Social Worker had some couples in mind last time that we talked. This will be fodder for some new postings.


Yo-yo Mama said...

I'll be interested in how this turns out. My RE expressed concerns over agencies charging for their services when they weren't really providing anything except being a middleman. It's why we didn't pursue embryo adoption prior to our decision to move to donor egg.

Not on Fire said...

In this instance I don't believe that anyone will be charging a fee. The social worker charges by the hour for her time, but there are no other fees per say. This is not usually part of her business.

I have not thought much about the money aspect. I expect the adoptive parents to absorb the fees for the transfer of the embryos and of course all of their costs. I don't know if we will need lawyers, probably. I am just at the beginning of this.

I am not looking to get any money from this myself. I'd be pissed if the social worker charged a fee. I will have to add money to the list of things to talk about.