Thursday, April 05, 2007

Good New and Bad News

The good news is that I don't have Celiac, yeah! The bad news is that we still don't know what I have, sooo, today I had what they call a small bowel follow through. You go and drive the delicious barium drink (only 30 oz) and then they take pictures every half an hour until it reaches the large intestine. I unfortunately had to have an extra 8 oz because they really couldn't believe that it was taking so long. I held my nose. Oh and forget about reading we would like you to walk to help it digest. I am told that the record is 6 hours, but I was done in just over 4.

On the other hand, I realise how lucky I am because the other person who was taking the test at the same time was only 2 weeks old; a beautiful little girl. The hospital waiting room is not exactly the most fun place to care for a small child.

Well I get the results in just 2 weeks or so. I did read "La Cuicina" while I walked and waited. It was a good read and not at all what I expected. Lots of juicy sex and great food.

The other news is that I had a job interview for a short-term contract and it was the interview from hell. The first part was fine but then came in the technical expert. She asked things like "Why did this company hire you?" with the undertext being "You have a BA and not a math or CS degree how could you have been worthy?." What version of Windows did you use when you used DBIII and Clipper, um, 15 years ago? WTF! Oh and she had a heavy accent and so sometimes I had to ask her to repeat her questions. She had me rattled so that when she did get to relevant questions I was all thrown off. I think I will put off my plans to search for childcare. F@*k! I wanted them to offer me the job so that I could reject them. They were not supposed to reject me. Sigh! Luckily I had yoga that night and was able to relax and let it go.

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Stacie said...

It always seems hardest to be rejected by people you planned to reject.