Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Shitty Day

I think that I have recovered from my rejection. I really want a part-time job and not contracts. I guess I will just wait for the perfect job or not work outside the home at all. I don't need the money and I might be able to swing never working for pay again. I am lucky.

Thursday was a less than lucky day. DH and I were upstairs talking after dinner. My 5 year old, BB, was downstairs in our kids space playing, and our 16 month old LB was there too. All of a sudden LB starts to cry loudly. DH runs down to see what has happened. He picks up LB and he is covered in shit. LB somehow managed to climb onto the plastic kitchen, and somehow sits down or falls in a way that causes the very full diaper to explode all over the burners on the toy kitchen (see pictures). Yes, the burners are now full of shit. Yes, this is the deluxe model with the talking burners, so we cannot just hose it all down. I am going to have to pick it all out or risk ruining it. So, the kitchen is sitting in the garage awaiting cleaning. This would be a good point to laugh. Go ahead, everyone else has. I would also appreciate ideas on how to clean it. Maybe I could tape some of the electrical stuff and then hose it?

So one very poopy boy goes off for a bath. DH and I are upstairs in the bathroom taking care of the evidence when all of a sudden I pull a muscle in my back. Luckily, DH was right there to take LB because I literally crawled away. I was in agony. I was barely able to move and in fact DH had to stay home Friday because I could not pick all 23lbs of LB up. I am better now and will be back to normal by Monday. Life has been eventful lately.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no! Diaper explosions are the worst! Your story about it did cheer me up, I found your site doing a search for divorce and the SAHM so thanks for that. Little tykes has the instruction manual on their website
so maybe you can take apart the burner and clean it out like nothing ever happened. Good luck :)