Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day

I had a nice Valentine's day and I was happy to celebrate 19 years with my beloved. I hope that yours was good too.

This post is about my total lack of understanding about the celebration of this holiday for small children. My 2 yr old is in school 3 mornings a week. I got an email about Valentine's day and was sent a list of the names of the kids in his class. I thought, "You cannot be serious, they are 2?" But I was wrong, yes, my 2 year old got many a Valentine, with gift of pencils and small pads of paper, oh and candy. I don't want to seem ungrateful, but WTF! Personally I see it as a waste of paper and time. Since my son cannot have milk, most of the candy was not available for him. He was not that interested in the pencils. I admit that he did do some art in one of the pads. Am I scrooge or do others think 2 is too young for this? This is just a make work project for the parents. Now I did send a treat of carrot muffins for the class to share, but individual gifts? No thanks. I will wait until my son is old enough to get the idea and participate in the gift giving.

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