Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A better day

I am in a better place today. I decided to accept that I was feeling bad. I went back and listened to some of Oprah's web casts and reminded myself about being present. It helped. Today I am back to feeling more present and more myself.

I also went out and bought a pair of size 10 pants. It was part of accepting that I have put on a few pounds. Yes, I am shallow and vain. I preferred being a size 6. I have no idea why I have put on the weight. It does not matter. What matters is eating right today and exercising today.

I have not done a recent update on my 101 things in 1001 days but I will try to soon. I have made good progress on my goals. I have also decided to change the way that I measure success. Some of my goals required counting how many times I did something and I going to ditch that. I want instead to look at whether or not something is in my routine. I am looking for behavioural change and not blind obedience.

I have to run and get my son from school. Have a nice day.

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