Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Stupids

So, have I mentioned that I am perimenopausal? No? Well, I don't actually remember if I told you because these days I have been big into being confused and stupid. I don't know if it is lack of sleep or maybe the flu that has visited us in the last week but I am annoying myself. I have been doing the wake around 4 thing that is common with perimenopause. Sleep used to be easy for me. I resent that I keep surfacing in the wee hours of the night. I used to have a reasonably sharp brain. How the hell could I go back to work like this? Not that I have any immediate plans. Today I am not liking myself as much.

Oh and I mentioned this to my naturopath who suggested I need to cut back on sugar and caffeine. I have dropped my once a day cup of green tea. I am already on a low sugar diet. I don't want to go sugar free. I guess I just need to nut up and do it.

I have also been irritable. I cuffed both the dog and my youngest son this week. Well neither was a heavy blow I loath that I did it. I am loosing my cool. I am definitely in an "I suck" place today.

Please feel free to suggest anything that you have heard might help me. I will consider anything that is not surgical or illegal.

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elizabeth said...

oh, this sounds so frustrating. I don't have any advice either but hope that you can get better sleep soon.