Sunday, November 08, 2009

Unexplained Weirdness

We live in a neighborhood with a lot of trees and since it is Canada I have 3 huge maples in my yard. I hired someone to do a first go at my leaves and they piled 25 bags of leaves at the end of my driveway for recycling on Tuesday. We can easily fill 40 bags of leaves before the season is over. I was getting ready for bed at about 11 when I heard someone outside and the dog confirmed that there was someone out there. So I look out and was dumbfounded. There was a man putting bags of leaves into a tiny car. He took 20 bags of leaves. He put them in his truck, his back seat and even in the front seat. He noticed us watching him and waved in a "I am not a mass murdered kind of way". Of course, we had no plans for these leaves and he was welcome to them.

The question of the week is "What do you do with 20 bags of leaves?"