Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cleaning Day and no coffee needed

Like so many others out there today I was vacuuming away and then I screamed. I mean, I knew that there were signs that we had a mouse. I put up the ultrasonic mouse repulsers. I also laid a few traps. I moved the bird seed to the garage. I didn't think about it again. But today I was vacuuming the laundry room and I thought, "I really should empty that garbage." I moved the can and then I screamed. There he was, quite dead, in a trap. In my defense it was not really a scream of fear, it was more of surprise. I am confident in my ability to defeat a mouse in a fair fight, and the dead kind are not much of a challenge. But please feel free to snicker. My husband did when I called to tell him about it. He offered to remove it from the house when he gets home tonight, but no that mouse (and trap) were leaving my home as soon as I caught my breath. I took deep cleansing breaths, got a large plastic bag and very carefully put it into the bag without touching it. I hope that my house it now rodent free. I did put down a new trap at the same spot.

I think that it was definitely true that I was not "friends with the present moment" at that moment. Hopefully there was no permanent scarring, for me if not for the mouse.

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JuliaS said...

I would have screamed too! :0)

Thanks for your nice comment on my Show and Tell post.

Hope your home remains rodent free.