Sunday, May 04, 2008

Update on 101 things.

I have to say that this is a really interesting process. I am enjoying it for the most part. I think that some of my items are difficult to quantify. I am happy with how it is going.

I removed items "1. Create this list" and "2. Do monthly updates" from the list accidentally.


03. Clean the inside of my car (3/30) In Progress

04. Drive 5 km/h slower to reduce emissions. Started this. Sorry for those of you who are behind me. I have also started Hypermiling as suggested by DoctorMama In Progress

07. Write to my foster child in SA In Progress

06. Write to my foster child in Africa In Progress

05. Do work for a charity In Progress
Family / Personal

14. Have my mother over once a month (3/34) In Progress

12. Have a family outing once a month (3/34) We are doing better than that so far. In Progress

13. Have more contact with my oldest sister. I have been working on this one. In Progress

18. Update my medical alert bracelet Completed on 05/04/2008

15. Make birthday dr appointments for boys Completed on 03/27/2008

19. Wear makeup everyday for 2 weeks. I have been doing well on this and wear makeup more often. Completed on 05/04/2008

08. Ask directly for what I want In Progress

09. Believe In Progress

10. Decide what to do with my frozen embryos In Progress

17. Say “Please” more In Progress

11. Get closure on evil Uncle K In Progress

16. Plan fun things to do in the summer In Progress
Food / House

36. Clean out 3 kitchen cupboards - 1 so far In Progress

40. Follow cleaning schedule I have been doing well on this one. It is nice having a cleaner house. In Progress

32. Bake once a week (6x so far) In Progress

45. Learn how to bake the hearty bread that I like to eat. I have tried several recipes. I am still working on it. In Progress

58. Stop using plastic grocery bags. I have a good collection of bags, and I am about 85% successful in remembering them. In Progress

42. Get pda connected to new laptop. I have spent untold hours on this one and it is still failing. In Progress

39. Finish configuring new laptop . Done! Completed on 03/27/2008

41. Get dataloc for my laptop Completed on 03/27/2008

37. Do a clothing purge. A lot of clothes are done. Yes! Completed on 05/04/2008

57. Replace weatherstripping on front and side door In Progress

52. Replace downstairs bathroom fan In Progress

51. Rearrange laundry room In Progress

47. Patch holes in family room wall. Started. Need to be sanded In Progress

54. Replace Master bathroom fan In Progress

59. Touch up paint in hallway In Progress

44. Go back on cash only for a month In Progress

43. Get rid of old VCR tapes In Progress

35. Clean kitchen before bed 5x a week Hmm In Progress

53. Replace downstairs toilet In Progress

55. Replace Master toilet In Progress

56. Replace toilets In Progress

46. Paint deck In Progress

49. Purge furnace room In Progress

34. Eat more organic foods In Progress

33. Create my own cookbook of things we like to eat. In Progress

50. Put up whiteboard In Progress

48. Purge desk In Progress

38. Do more gardening In Progress

02. Do a monthly list evaluation (2/34) In Progress

01. Make this list ? Completed on 03/25/2008
Health and Fitness

27. Go to bed before 11 at least 4x a week. I am definitely better on this one. In Progress

21. Do months breast exam (0/34) In Progress

28. ? In Progress

20. Buy a new weight scale I have decided against this. The one that we have is consistent Completed on 03/27/2008

29. Reorganize my weekly schedule Completed on 05/04/2008

23. Drink more water I am trying! In Progress

22. Do more yoga (2x week) In Progress

30. Try pilates In Progress

26. Go a week without sugar In Progress

24. Get a massage once a month (2/34) YES! In Progress

25. Get my eyebrows done 3x (1/3) In Progress

31. Work on posture (stretch for 5 min every day) Not doing great on this one. In Progress

63. Read book on parenting boys In Progress

65. Sign up kids for swimming In Progress

64. Read book on praising boys In Progress

62. Potty train LB In Progress

60. Become a foster parent In Progress

61. Open bank accounts for boys In Progress

66. Start teaching my youngest french In Progress

67. Blog once a week (average) Hmm, I am falling behind. In Progress

76. Get a dog. This will be happening in May or June. Yeah! In Progress

69. Create scrapbook for BB. I am working on this one too. In Progress

68. Buy a new winter coat (one my size). Done Completed on 03/27/2008

80. Go to the Opera In Progress

93. Visit Portland on vacation In Progress

74. Fix kids journal db In Progress

81. Have an outdoor family vacation In Progress

78. Get my Irish passport In Progress

75. Fly both of my new kites In Progress

70. Date my husband once a month In Progress

77. Get a singing prayer bowl (in C/ root chakra) In Progress

85. Pick up french again In Progress

95. Write an email to a friend once a week In Progress

87. Read a nonfiction book every month In Progress

71. Donate excess yarn In Progress

94. Work on family tree In Progress

89. Register the birth of my sons in Ireland In Progress

91. Start knitting again In Progress

82. Learn 2 new Harold Arlen songs In Progress

88. Read Reggio Emilia book In Progress

92. Take a pottery class In Progress

83. Mediate 3 times a week In Progress

79. Go to 5 hockey games In Progress

90. Start having something to do while watching tv In Progress

72. Finish kids journal In Progress

86. Post 10 books on BookMooch In Progress

73. Finish scrapbook for LB In Progress

84. Piano lessons In Progress

96. Do certification exam 1 (If I am ever going back to work then I need to keep up.) Taken and Passed! Completed on 03/25/2008

98. Do certification exam 3 In Progress

99. Do certification exam 4 In Progress

97. Do certification exam 2 In Progress

101. Write Java exam In Progress

100. Learn Java In Progress

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