Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Potty Training

Here am I, I did not run away. I wanted to, but love kept me here.

We are doing okay. I started giving treats for each of the behaviours. One for pulling down the pants, one for trying, one for succeeding and one for washing your hands. That helped a lot with the don't want to be in the bathroom thing. He has good enough control that he went a whole day at school and waiting to get home before he went. He had a few days where he only wanted to pee at home. He now pees away from home and is even dry at night. Yeah!

Our next obstacle is pooping in the potty. I am giving him the choice of the toilet or a pull-up but I am still changing poopy undies. I now only give potty treats for sitting. I am hoping that he will get comfortable enough sitting to put poop someone less yucky than his clothes.

I am still grateful for what I have. I know that I am lucky, but some things are easier to like than others.


Heather said...

Sounds like you're making good progress. What you are doing with treats is similar with what we did with our daughter.

Lisa DG said...

As I sit here longing for that experience, I know full well I will be complaining when I'm in the moment.