Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Renting a Cottage

We are away on vacation this week. My husband rented the cottage. I think that next time I will get more involved. I wish my DH had asked the questions listed below. Maybe next year...

Things to ask before you rent (The sad answers for this year)

1. How big is the cottage in square feet? (100 Square feet or less)
2. How is it heated? Are all of the rooms heated? (One heater by front door, uh no)
3. Are there electrical outlets in the bedrooms? (Nope, buy a long electrical cord)
4. Do all of the bedrooms have doors? (Nope, do kids bedrooms need doors?)
5. Is it non-smoking? (Sorry, smoking is allowed.)
6. How close is it to any major highways? Can you hear trucks? (Yes and yes)
7. What items are included in the kitchen? (4 of everything, which is not very handy for 4)
8. Do we need linens as well as towels? (Only if you like clean things.)

Note to self on what to bring next time.
Favorite frying pan
Coffee in a filter
Scrubbing sponge.

We are having fun despite the small and somewhat yucky cabin. Luckily the weather is good. I hope you are all well.

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amy said...

It's times like this, when you're finally at the destination, where expectation and reality come to a horrific crash, and like a car accident, you slow-mo rewind yourself back to the moment you were home, packing, thinking of everything just in case, and slipping in the space heater and the extension cord and the good knife and coffee and linens.

Been there. I feel your pain. At lease you have wifi.