Friday, September 11, 2009

Potty Training

My beautiful 3 year old son is in the middle of potty training. After trying any techniques including: chocolate; treats; toys and threats. We have gone cold turkey.

The pull-ups are gone and the underwear is on. The theory is that eventually he will get tired of peeing on himself.

Yes, it is driving me MAD! He does not WANT to pee. He does not want to sit on the potty. He knows when he is going to pee, but since he has decided not to pee anymore he does not need to sit on the toilet. This leaves me trying to reason with a 3 year old, AARGGH!

Someone very wise once told me that your kids will get you on either food, sleep or potty training. How very wise she was!

What a tremendous opportunity for spiritual growth this has been! How I am being stretched! How I wish it was over!!!

I think that is enough exclamation marks for now!!!!!

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Lisa DG said...

It's funny to hear about normal, bothersome mommy stuff. I long for that (at least I do now- not so sure about when I am in the moment).

Just think, this too shall pass- and it will be fodder for jokes when he gets older!