Sunday, August 13, 2006

Back from a Vacation

Well, we are back from a vacation. We had my mother's cottage for a week. It was nice, but my husband didn't enjoy it much. The cottage is on Georgian bay and has a stone beach. My husband wants sand. I admit that the rocks are not as easy to get around on. M also got a big dose of two small kids out of their routine. Now I have nothing to complain about. I have two great kids, but overexcite them, a different routine and you can expect to have some issues.

I insisted on some naps and everyone got better almost at once. Me included.

It was nice to get away and the price was right. M said that he was going to book a vacation somewhere else, but he didn't get around to it. He works way too much. We are certainly stuck in the trap of choosing money over time. Now to be fair, he had no idea when he took the job that it would be 70+ hours each week. He cannot quit before 2 years or we owe the relocation expenses. So we have another year of sucking it up.

I wish there was another choice.

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