Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I am up again with indigestion. I have no idea what is causing my problem. I try to go to bed and I cannot sleep because of gas pressure. I experience it as pains in my legs. I can sometimes sleep in my reclining chair, but not tonight. I am going to a specialist in September, but I am not hopeful. I think that it might be yeast. I know that I am yeasty and I have had yeast infections in my breast for both of my children. I have taken Maalox, but it has not helped yet. I don't want to try too much as I am still a nursing mother.

Recently my youngest started to eat more and nurse less. We are now on the 3 to 5 nursings a day. He is now really getting around. I have not yet childproofed everything. I am going to have to do it soon. My 4 year old would love to help me. He loves to do anything with tools. He is fascinated with anything mechanical and loves to study the process of how things work.

Maybe we will have an early nap tomorrow?

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