Friday, December 29, 2006


First of all, I want to say that I do not want to make anyone feel bad who does not breastfeed. I know that we all do our best for our babies and sometimes that does not include nursing them. I am sorry if you have regrets about it.

I also want to say that I am 100% supportive of those who nurse whenever and where ever the want to. Drop Dead Delta! Those who think it should be hidden should try latching when they cannot see and see if they can do it. I cannot! What is more important than feeding our children?

My baby in now over a year and I am thinking about stopping breastfeeding. We still nurse 3 to 5 times a day. He eats fairly well now. I nursed my first for almost a year and a half. I know that when I stopped I had a real boost in energy and it really ties you down since I am sort of looking for work.

I have mixed feelings about it. He is my last baby. Well, I am sure that I will never be pregnant again. Who knows if we will adopt? I have eggs that are frozen, but I have no idea what I will do with them, if anything. I digress.

I will never give birth again and giving breastfeeding up is like admitting that he is not a baby any more. Well, he is not a baby anymore he can walk a couple of steps now.

Often is seems that breastfeeding makes you a card carrying member of the Mothers club. I guess, you know, since I am a stay-at-home mum what else do I have to do that is more important? It is not that time consuming. It can be so nice, so intimate, when it is not boring. Human beings cannot enjoy anything all of the time. The look on my son's face when he is full and content is something that I treasure. Sometimes I think that I feel like I have to try harder since I did not get here the easy way. I want to appreciate every second, savour it. Am I ungrateful because I want to let go of breastfeeding?

It is something that I am actually kind of good at. It doesn't hurt me. I am comfortable when I do it. I have learned so much and I will be letting all of this knowledge go. I have learned things like:

  • Take all courses you are able to on breast feeding before you give birth and read a book or two. Visit a lactation consultant too. Take any help offered. Nursing is learned, it is not instinctive for the mother!
  • Always get yourself comfortable before you position and latch the baby. I have a Boppy that I tied shut around me so that the baby lay right next to my belly. I hear that the "My Breast Friend" is good for that too.
  • Not only should you aim your nipple for the roof of his mouth, but be careful that you are in the middle from the left/right point of view.
  • Nursing lying in bed is a gift when you are nursing 10 times a day. I had hand towels and face cloths piled next to the bed. (I used a bassinet in my bedroom, neither my husband nor myself were comfortable with co-sleeping.) You put the baby on the towel so that any mess is not on the bed and I needed the rolled up face cloths under my unbelievable huge breast to get them to the right spot.
  • If you have pain when your milk is coming in (other than the first 2 weeks when you are engorged) then you have a yeast infection. Good luck getting rid of it. It hurts like a bitch. I was lucky enough to see Dr Jack Newman who has a great protocol that you can see on his website. Yes, I had it with both of my boys. Start acidophilus now.

I know that breastfeeding does not go for everyone. I feel lucky that I was able to make it work out. Luckily my unbelievable huge breasts (36I when I gave birth) worked and the milk flowed. It would have been a real pisser if they turned out to be just for show after all. They are certainly heading for my knees now.

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