Friday, January 12, 2007

Weaning LB

LB has been doing great with his sign language. We started him early, but he is just starting to get really into it at 13 months. With mixed feelings I have been trying to wean him. I started with trying to stop the after the afternoon nap feed. Yesterday; however, he was having none of it. He quite emphatically patted my chest and made the sign for milk. Sigh. I gave him what he asked for. I really like breastfeeding my kids. It is hard to stop.

Any advice?


DD said...

I can only guess that weaning from the breast would have some similarities to weaning from a bottle. I say some because when I bottle fed X and tried to wean him from the bottle, we would fill the bottle with water and put milk in a sippy cup.

Obviously you can't fill your breasts up with water, but maybe you could lure him to a cup with juice or expressed breast milk when he's in a good mood. The night time nursing will be the very last to go.

I have to admit, I envy that you had the strength and determination to breastfeed as I gave up within a few weeks. It's simply amazing.

Tortuguita said...

If you enjoy breastfeeding and the baby wants to continue nursing as well, then why exactly are you trying to wean him? I'm not trying to be antagonistic, I'm just wondering. It seems like you have a good breastfeeding relatiohship so I don't understand what is motivating the weaning.

Not on Fire said...

Unfortunately, I am weaning my son because my doctor wants to put me on a reflux medication that is not compatible with breastfeeding. My indigestion keeps me up at night. I really don't want to do give it up, but sleeping is good. He suggested I give up breastfeeding 4 months ago. He seems to think I am not taking my problem seriously.

Note to dd:
I am lucky that I had a great lactation consultant who got me through the initial problems. The second one was easy.